Trucking LTL & FTL

Best solution for distribute or deliver cargoes on national territory and Internationally. Able to manage our Truck fleet and our sister comapanies arround Europe, for provide full range DOOR to DOOR FTL or LTL Service.

LTL regular services to France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Romania, Turkey and much more destinations.

For FTL we can provide regular or Express Service, for serve and suppor you on your urgent transport necessities. Able to provide FTL solution also for perishable cargoes, high-risk or fragile cargoes, pharma or oversize cargoes.

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Cargo Express FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

We can make it easy for you by working it out. All you need to do is provide us with the weights and dimensions for your cargo and we will do the rest. We can help you by working out the exact type of vehicle you may need. Where your cargo is too wide or too high, we will source the correct low loader units and comply with all route and safety requirements.

We can provide tail lift vehicles that will deliver your cargo to the ground.

It is a document that confirms the existence of the international road transport contract.

It collects the type of merchandise, the origin, the destination, the carrier, the sender and the receiver.

In addition, it serves as a receipt for the shipper that he has delivered the merchandise to the carrier.

The transport of goods by road is governed by the Law for the Regulation of Land Transport (LOTT), and by the Regulation for the Regulation of Land Transport (ROTT), which develops it in greater depth. These documents regulate both transport companies and those related to their activity, so it is important to know them.

It is necessary in the case of dangerous goods, the ADR document specifies the type of goods, their classification or UN number and the measures to be taken for their transport and handling.

It is a document issued under the TIR (Transport International Routier) agreement in reference to road transport.

It allows shipments under this protection to cross the rest of the member countries of this agreement without customs inspection.

It must always be accompanied by a CMR consignment note.