Custom Brokerage

Our customs tean and AOE certification, makes our company a reliable partner in front of customs authority. With high capacity for manage customs process and provide support to our customers with their daily operation, such as Import/Export, licenses, Transits and Bonded wharehouse management. Also our services cover Legal acts in front of resolutions emanating the Spanish tax administration agency, attending customs inspections and requirements, deferred from customs operations.

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Custom Brokerage FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever transactions are carried out with countries outside the European Union,

In the case of goods leaving the EU, export customs procedures will be enhanced.
When the merchandise reaches the border of the EU, and has to enter one of the countries that compose it, an import customs procedure is carried out.

In these cases mentioned, it is subject to customs procedures and it is necessary to prepare a Unique Administrative Document (SAD)

The Single Administrative Document (SAD) is the document that certifies an import or export. The document format is the same, but the regime changes depending on the operation:

IM for imports
EX for exports
USA for certain groups of countries
IMZ for storage, etc.

The SAD customs declaration provides essential information for the traceability of movements:
– specific statistical information of what is sent
– specific tax information of what is sent

Each SAD is approved by the customs department and is the only valid document that certifies an import or export operation.

The Authorized Economic Operator certification is a recognition granted by the Customs Authority, which aims to reinforce the security of the supply chain (manufacturers, exporters, importers, warehouses, distributors, customs agents, carriers, among others)

Customs tariffs are rates that are levied on imports, these are set by the EU or competent customs authorities, and are applied to goods that enter a country (Import).

They are mainly applied in order to protect the domestic market and ensure its competitiveness.

The origin of the merchandise for customs purposes is the link that links the merchandise with the country of origin or also called the economic nationality of the product.
To correctly establish the origin of a merchandise, it must be taken into account whether it has been completely obtained in a country or not.

A bonded wharehouse is warehouse or other physical location recognized and controlled by the customs authorities, where non-community goods can be stored indefinitely under a suspensive regime or community goods subject to export benefits.

Until the operator decides to give them a final destination within or outside the Community customs territory.