Cross Trade

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Huge capacity of our company for ship your goods to and from anywhere in the world, there are no matter where your customers or operations are located.

You can centralize to do business with just one agent: Logistainer. You’ll have just one point of contact.

On your behalf, our team will negotiate the most competitive rates, manage your air, sea, road, rail, Courier… freight shipments from a central base and keep you fully informed.

Plus, our customer service will ensure your freight is handled and delivered efficiently and effectively.

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Cross Trade FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

A cross trade is a shipment organised between two countries, none of which the seller is locally based in. They’re also known as foreign-to-foreign shipments, third party shipments or more commonly triangle shipments.

  • Ensure you use the right incoterms to suit your shipment.
  • Understand the benefits of any applicable free trade agreements.
  • Make sure you tell your forwarder if you want your shipping to be neutral.
  • Consider an adequate transport insurance.