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Air Freight FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

For more urgent cargo, air freight can be an excellent option.

Here are a few advantages of using airfreight over ocean freight…

  • Short transportation time and tight controls over cargo reduce exposure to theft, pilferage and damage
  • Unlike ocean freight, easier consolidated and direct-to-consignee services are available
  • For smaller cargo airfreight, including courier services, is generally the easiest option
  • Insurance premium rate is generally lower for air freight than road haulage or ocean freight
  • High performance standards and the flexibility to meet your changing needs is offered by air freight solutions
  • We utilise premium air freight carriers with established routings because of an ever-increasing demand for shorter transit times internationally

For air cargo, carriers take the volumetric weight of the goods, rather than the gross weight. To work this out you use the following calculation…

length x width x height (mt) * 167 = Volumetric weight


1.20m x 1.00m x 1.00m =1.44*167= 240.48 kg (volumetric)

Some airlines, especially couriers, change ratio, so please check with us first.

Airline services are offered from airport to airport so it is necessary to arrange trucking from your premises up to airport. Who organises this and who pays the costs will depend on the INCOTERMS you are using for your sale. We can arrange the collection of your cargo with delivery to the airport.

You need to specify what the cargo is (with a commodity code), the number of packages, weights and dims, a collection point and the final destination. You will also need to supply a copy of the commercial invoice for the goods with the EORI number, VAT number, commodity code and the good’s value for us to be able to do the export customs clearance.

The EORI number is based on the trader’s VAT number.

Packing requirements vary and depend on the type of cargo being shipped. There are very strict rules for packing hazardous material for instance. You can minimise the risk of any damage to cargo by making sure the packing is as tight and secure as possible. There are also various rules about packing your cargo onto wooden crates and pallets. Take our advice on the type of packing requirements for your particular cargo and destination. Call us for more information.

Cargo insurance is not an obligation, but it is recommended you protect your goods against loss or damage. This will cover your goods in transit and in storage. Providing we are arranging the air freight booking we can offer air cargo insurance. Call us a for a quote today.